Jazmin Ribeiro, Tech Comms Manager Minima

Jazmin has a STEM background, with a first-class degree in Mathematics from the University of Surrey, Guildford. She has a passion for innovative technology and using it as a tool to improve personal and corporate potential. Her previous career includes 8 years as a consultant, implementing Oracle’s Financial Planning software for UK based and global businesses; and becoming a certified management accountant. Since discovering blockchain technology in 2018, she has dedicated her time to learning about the vast societal, financial and technological opportunities that it can enable. Excited by the prospects of a mobile-native blockchain with low barriers to entry, she joined the Minima community in 2020, spending a year getting involved and supporting the Minima team in her spare time. By October 2021, she joined Minima full time as their Technical Communications Manager, making a side-step change in her career. Her role now involves bridging the gap between the developers and the community; analysing the protocol, creating educational content and promoting the growth of Minima as the most decentralised blockchain globally.

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