Walking through an ERC20 Contract #erc20contractbreakdown

You may have purchased tokens from an exchange but what does that mean? What happens when you transfer coins from an exchange to your wallet? We’ll walk through the code behind ERC20 tokens. This is a technical session, but will certainly help anyone take the abstraction out of crypto.

Pavan Katepalli, Adjunct Instructor UC Berkeley He resides in San Francisco where he teaches data analytics and web development at UC Berkeley, creates decentralized applications and plays in the San Francisco Football League. Pavan entered into the cryptocurrency space in 2013 and has worked and programmed with renowned core bitcoin developer, Jimmy Song. In 2014, Pavan co-founded and was CTO of INRTracker.com and raised $100k in seed funding from Rodger Ford, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Co-Founder of Reliantheart Inc, a biotech company in Houston, Texas leveraging NASA technology to replace the left ventricle of the heart. In 2015, Pavan co-founded a Series A stage Technology Company that has raised 30 million dollars of venture funding and has expanded internationally. Before that Pavan led an elite team of developers at MediaMath, a leader in the ad tech space to put in technology systems to scale the $300 million dollar company towards an inevitable billion dollar IPO. Pavan has a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Rutgers University. Shortly after he was a speaker for TedX.

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Simplify Bitcoin Development #bitcoindev

Satoshi Nakamoto once proclaimed that an alternative implementation of a blockchain codebase would be “a menace to the network”. Bcoin is an enterprise-level implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, written from the ground up entirely in JavaScript,to be secure, scalable, and maintainable. Today it is used in production at companies and projects across the industry, including at Purse.io, Edge Wallet, BitPay, and Chronobank.

Buck Perley, Engineering Lead Purse.io Buck works full-time on bcoin and derivative projects. He will be joining to talk about how bcoin can help you develop better, more secure cryptocurrency applications, how an alternative implementation can make the ecosystem and network stronger, and some of the exciting projects their team is working on including bPanel, the world’s first Blockchain Management System (BMS).

Buck gives a live demo for how to build something on bPanel and a live demo for working directly with the bcoin backend

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Ethereum for Dummies #ethereum

The goal for this presentation is to give you the pieces required to build Ethereum dapps and learn more about how they work. To get you there we will cover getting started with writing, testing, and deploying your own Ethereum smart contracts using Solidity and the Truffle Framework for development. We will also look at the Ethereum computing environment and how it differs from traditional software environments.

David Goldberg CoFounder BlocTrax He is also a Software Engineer at Salesforce. BlocTrax is a freelance smart contract development and security audit consulting company. Previously, David taught programming at the advanced software engineering immersive program, Hack Reactor.

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Blockchain Ask Me Anything Session 3 with Jae Yang, Blockchain Engineer #blockchainama

The third session in this series is focused on Cryptocurrency Practicals and Future of Cryptocurrencies. Operationally, cryptocurrencies include many stakeholders. In this session we will talk about problems, debates, and rewards of mining, and how code forks are handled. The session will cover the scalability debates and recent developments in Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is a great bellweather for rest of the cryptocurrencies. Moving forward, cryptocurrencies will do much more than transact, and the session will briefly introduce you to Bitcoin Script and Ethereum Smart Contracts. Finally we will cover the issue of privacy and how it is being handled in different cryptocurrencies.

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