FinTech Opportunities in Asia #fintechAsia

Main Fintech trends and developments in Asian Fintech, as well as opportunities for Fintech companies in Silicon Valley considering expansion into Asia. Interactive Panel with Lawrence Tang, Head of Investement Promotion at Hong Kong Economic and Trade, Cang Quach, Managing Partner Stern Ventures, and Ivy Montgomery, Vice President of Marketing, Layer; Amy Shuen, Berkeley-based HKU Professor & moderated by Pemo Theodore, Executive Producer of Fintech Silicon Valley.

Untapped Opportunities in Asian Fintech: Experts & VCs #fintechasia

With the pace of investments exceeding the pace recorded in the US and Europe, Asia is quickly growing as the next frontier for business opportunities in Fintech. Especially given an increase of Fintech-oriented initiatives launched by local governments and big appetite for Fintech solutions shown by customers, and banks. What are the main trends within Asian Fintech? What initiatives have been recently launched to support Fintech startups in Asia? Lawrence Tang, Head Investment Promotion, Hong Kong Trade & Economic Office San Francisco; Winston Cao, VP Global Banking Partnerships/PingPong Financial; Karen Hsu, Head Growth BlockCypher MODERATOR Pemo Theodore, FinTech Silicon Valley.

Tom Ding, CEO/CoFounder String Labs #chinafintech

Tom Ding, CEO/CoFounder String Labs, a venture-backed studio & incubator for decentralized blockchain & open protocols. Serial entrepreneur, founder of Blockchain University and previously a senior manager at eBay who comes from Shanghai. Tom caught the blockchain wave in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Back in the day, he graduated in Computer Science at age 14 and from business school at 20.

Mike Belshe, CEO Bitgo #chinafintech

Mike Belshe CEO Bitgo & is a veteran technologist and inventor of the multi-signature protocols used at BitGo. Prior to BitGo, Mike worked at Google on the founding team of Google Chrome and was the inventor of SPDY (which has now become HTTP/2.0). Prior to that he co-founded Lookout Software, an email search company acquired by Microsoft. He holds a C.S. degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is the inventor of over 10 technology patents.

Mason Borda, CTO/CoFounder GenLife #chinafintech

Mason Borda CTO/CoFounder Gen Life, a digital insurance startup based in Hong Kong and Palo Alto, focused on bringing blockchain and AI to the insurance industry. He is a blockchain technology professional with a record of building and scaling innovative technologies. Mason speaks to and advises Fortune 500 enterprises on many aspects of blockchain solutions, including architecture, security, and scalability.