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Social media and easier access to tools of production and distribution started a communication revolution. But this broad access does not guarantee a quality message, statement or promotional video. Visual storytelling is similar to a language, and the understanding of all its possibilities is a requirement to create effective video productions. This goes beyond HD video cameras and editing equipment. We have been working with storytelling and visual communication in the Bay area startup ecosystem for 8 years. Creating videos for your company that tells your story can make a difference and it starts by hiring the right professionals because people tell stories, cameras just record them.

Advice from James Redford about Storytelling Videos



  • 3 minute Company storytelling video (includes shoot & post production)
  • Captioned segmented shorter videos taken from storytelling shoot, These Thought Leadership videos will have captions smaller videos focused on different aspects published on youtube, facebook & FinTech Silicon Valley website
  • Social media for 2 weeks after video published: Linkedin, Twitter & facebook
  • Video delivered via Dropbox download link for STO company promotional use


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