Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are shaping the future of work and corporate governance in the Information Age. With meritocratic governance that better aligns stakeholders’ interests, DAOs have the potential to reduce the social, economic and ecological fragility in our systems perpetuated by the shareholder model. This report looks at the future constraints for the shareholder model in its current form, the game theory behind mass scale decentralized cooperation and why organizations operating this way will be superior to today’s corporate firm structure. Get the entire report on Brave New Coin

Karen Holleran

Karen Holleran Editor @aikarensf Karen is a proud third generation San Franciscan, and has worked in various positions including developer relations, winemaking, freelance writing, and as a teaching assistant for autistic children. She is passionate about disruptive tech, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. She is excited at how these technologies can improve the quality of life for people globally. When Karen isn’t busy discovering new things, you can find her enjoying the diversity of the Bay Area, keeping up to date on the latest tech news, or relaxing at home with her beloved rescued cat.

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