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Get the skills you need to become an industry-leading Ethereum developer. We’ll go over creating solidity decentralized applications along with learning what blockchain developers work on and the state of blockchain tech. 
For DApp development, we’ll go over Truffle, Ganache, Remix, Solidity and more! Along with learning DApp development, we’ll also go over frontend skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and NodeJs which serve as interfaces to Dapps and which many blockchain developers use. 

Steven Li

Steven Li , Ajunct Instructor UC Berkeley for Data Science & Web Development He is currently the CTO of a startup in the cryptocurrency space. He has built trading systems has handled over $3+ billion dollars of open trading volume in cryptocurrency mainly serving Venture Capital and Hedge Funds. At UC Berkeley he teaches algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, machine learning and natural language processing. Steven actively trades and mines cryptocurrency. Before, Steven was a Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Labs and studied Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley.

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