ICO Investors and Founders #icos

Mason Borda, CEO/CoFounder Tokensoft Mason is a cryptocurrency infrastructure veteran with experience scaling foundational technologies on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Tokensoft is a SaaS infrastructure and treasury management solution for token offerings. He was previously VP of Token Operations at doc.ai where he designed the Neuron Network, an ecosystem for decentralized, edge learning. As co-creator of Ether.li, he launched the world’s first multi-signature web wallet for Ethereum, the first secure wallet offering of its kind.

Duncan Davidson, CoFounder/Managing Partner Bullpen Capital Bullpen Capital is the pioneer of Post Seed investing, an early A round setting up a super-sized round. Previously he was at VantagePoint Venture Partners, a mega-fund and one of the leaders in CleanTech. Prior to joining the dark side, he started or was involved with four startups: Covad and InterTrust, both multi-billion dollar IPOs in the ‘90s; SkyPilot, an outdoor WiFi mesh, and Xumii, one of the earliest mobile social networks. At Bullpen he is focusing on future technologies like AI, drones, IOT; as well as startups digitizing analog businesses. He is on the board of Illumeo, Verbling, Filament, Sourceeasy, Lumoid, and DoubleDutch, and an active advisor to Wag Walking, Betable and Twenty20.

Brayton Williams, CoFounder/Partner Boost VC Boost VC is an accelerator and seed fund in Silicon Valley focused on cryptocurrencies/blockchain, VR/AR, AI/bots and other Sci-Fi related technologies. Brayton leads the blockchain company and cryptocurrency investments which include Coinbase, Etherscan, Polychain Capital, Filecoin, Tezos, Aragon and 50 other blockchain/crypto startups.

Pierre-R. Wolff, VP Business Dev Tierion Pierre is also Managing Director of ExecConnect, a firm facilitating professional transactional connections. Over the past 3 years he has spent a significant amount of time in the Blockchain ecosystems consulting on various transactions. Pierre currently serves on several advisory boards most relevant of which are Tierion and Science Blockchain, both of which have recently done token launches. He is currently also advising two other token launch bound stealth companies, one in the “fat protocol” space and the other in the gaming world on their network strategies and business models. He received his MBA from EDHEC in Nice, France, and conducted his undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Frederic Fortier, Engineer Enigma Fred is a senior software developer specializing in finance. Prior to joining Enigma, he designed and implemented enterprise applications for large financial institutions. He primarily develops software in Python. Passionate about the financial markets, he has been trading equities and options since the dawn of online brokerage. His idea of fun is to read quant finance articles, trying to put strategies in practice. He joined Enigma partly to scratch his own itch, to build a powerful quantitative trading platform for cryptocurrencies. He holds double degrees in Computer Science and Finance.

Mike Bishop, VP Product Dev Propy Mike is a lawyer by education who specializes in developing and marketing innovative financial products. Since his graduation in 1996, he has worked as a director of regulatory affairs for an insurance company, a private wealth manager to hundreds of high net worth investors with incomes ranging from $1 million to $275 million, and has syndicated hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate investments. He has raised institutional venture capital for a real estate risk product and co developed a securitized bond offering. He currently sits on the board of advisors for a couple of successful ICOs.

Chris Rawlings. Steering Committee 22x Chris is leading the 22x token offering – the first token to represent equity in a pre-qualified batch of early stage tech startups. His experience melds the worlds of cryptocurrency, securities law, and venture capital. Chris is also the founder of the fast-growing startup Judolaunch, a tech platform for expanding ecommerce businesses internationally and a 500 Startups portfolio company.

MODERATOR: Mark Albertson, Silicon Valley journalist whose stories have been regularly published for the San Francisco Examiner, Blasting News, and CBS-Bay Area. His coverage of the technology industry made him the Examiner’s top-ranked tech reporter for 2016 in 244 markets across the United States. He is also an experienced video and TV producer, having created Tech Closeup, a nationally syndicated program on technology that aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate stations over the course of four years.

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