Steve Kirsch CEO M10¬†supplier of technology to banks enabling them to issue digital M0 and M1 money. Digital money issued by your bank is the future of money. We supply software to banks enabling them to modernize payments by issuing digital money to their institutional, corporate, and retail customers. This digital money is fungible with digital money issued by other M10 network members. This enables 24×7 payments that clear and settle instantly. Uses digital signatures to authorize payments (push and pull). Enables your authorized apps and/or devices to digitally sign requests on your behalf, with limits under your control. Your master private key(s) are secured in the secure enclave of your devices (or HSM) so malware cannot initiate payments without your express consent. Approve payments with a click or biometric (larger payments). No usernames/passwords required. Make local and cross border payments instantly at low cost. Hold money in multiple currencies (especially important if your native currency isn’t a G10 currency). Has a number of features very attractive to central banks and regulators. Eliminates need for traditional nostro accounts and correspondent banking. Subject matter experts say our approach is the best solution for digital money available today.

Pemo Theodore

Pemo Theodore is a Media Publisher and a great people connector. She was Founder Silicon Valley TV which served the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years! She has produced Silicon Valley Events for Investors & Startups for 10 years. Pemo loves to video interview venture capitalists & founders to engage the human behind the success stories.. She has been Executive Producer of FinTech Silicon Valley for 6 years, organizing twice monthly FinTech talks & panels in San Francisco & Palo Alto and audio podcasts. She believes in learning through a great discussion with experts in the domains. Pemo has a talent to bring the right people together and is an incredible networker. Pemo's events have been seen as supporting Venture Capitalists & Angels in sourcing great deal flow from startups who attend her events. Many founders have received funding through meeting investors at her events. Her favored medium is audio & visual media and she has built up a great body of work of videos of panels & interviews and podcasts in Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. She has lived & worked in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, London, Northern Ireland & Silicon Valley. Bio

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