Fintech in Asia is booming. In 2016 alone investments into Asian Fintech companies reached over $ 11bn, and exceeded investments into the sector in the US and Europe, data from CB Insights shows. Amongst Asian destinations for these investments, Hong Kong emerged as one of the main contenders. Hong Kong is recognized as a leading international financial centre, and has over 260 banks and over $ 124bn managed by its private equity sector (16% of the Asian total).

On top of that it serves as super connector to China, thanks to its location and initiatives such as Shanghai-HK Stock Connect and Shenzen-HK Stock Connect. It also benefits from a low and simple tax system, rule of law and pro-Fintech regulation (that includes Fintech Supervisory Sandbox put in place by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, as well as Fintech facilitation offices set up within the Securities and Futures Commission and the insurance regulator office). It is also a host of a number of Fintech-related conferences and events, such as HK Fintech Week , which will take place this year between October 23rd and 27th.

FinTech startups  planning to explore opportunities for their businesses in Hong Kong, can contact the dedicated InvestHK FinTech team in Hong Kong, UK and US are the primary points of contact to receive free, confidential and customized services and assistances.

To learn more about Fintech developments in Hong Kong, as well as to meet InvestHK representatives based in Silicon Valley, attend:

1) Untapped opportunities in Asian Fintech + launch of HK Fintech Week eventJuly 27th (Thursday) – 6pm – 8pm – Startup Basecamp, 900 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA

2) Fintech opportunities in AsiaAugust 8th (Tuesday) – 6pm – 8pm – Plug & Play Tech Center, 440 N Wolfe St, Sunnyvale

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Pemo Theodore

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