Coding Catalyst is a web development coding bootcamp that encompasses the visual, functional, and informational aspects of software engineering into a single course. Our instructors believe in nurture over nature, that everyone is capable of learning how to code. Our course teaches how to build beautiful and engaging yet secure and resilient websites with backing services. Sign up here

The philosophy, “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger”, is infused throughout our four month course to push your limits as an individual as well as a member of a team. In the first month, we’ll master the fundamentals of JavaScript (ES2020): the most popular programming language in the world. In the second month, we’ll become experts in modern HTML and CSS (Bootstrap) which is used to give structure and style to websites. In the third month, we’ll become adept in building backing services (Express, Docker) used for sorting and storing information. In the fourth month, we’ll combine our learnings and introduce tooling and frameworks (React) to speedup and improve development.

As a requirement, our instructors currently work in technology as engineers or scientists and must evaluate our curriculum before the start of every course. If parts of our curriculum are irrelevant to today’s businesses, they will be replaced by more meaningful content. We pride ourselves on quality and understand that your success is our success as an educational institution.

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