“Pemo you do an excellent job of being on that forefront of things and really bringing people together, so I applaud you for doing that broadly and having such an excellent group of connections and your access. So you’ve done a great job.” Susan Mason, CoFounder/Partner Aligned Partners podcast

It’s a pleasure to work with Pemo and FintechSV. I was asked to participate in a few events FintechSV hosted as a guest speaker, and later worked with FintechSV on a few of my company’s sponsored events. She’s extremely mindful of event sponsor’s needs and balances that with attendees’ values. I was blown away by how well-organized the physical and virtual events were. If anyone wants help from a top-notch event organizer and networker, Pemo is the one.” Jae Yang, CEO/Founder Tacen

“Thanks Pemo Theodore. Love what you are doing to advance the visibility of #fintech innovation!” Jeremy Almond CEO Paystand via Linkedin

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