Video Interview with Kyle DuPont ,CEO/Founder Ohalo #smartcontracts

Kyle DuPont ,CEO/Founder Ohalo in London. Ohalo uses a private implementation of the Ethereum protocol to manage access to and provenance of data across entire ecosystems of data assets. This enables business to more easily access data by allowing compliance teams to understand how that data is moving.  Kyle has been […]


Video Interview with Jonathan Levi, Creator HACERA #smartcontracts

Jonathan Levi, Creator HACERA, The Most Significant Bits.  Jonathan is a technical entrepreneur, visionary and pioneer in the field of complex quantitative, financial and transactional systems. Jonathan is keen on getting innovative and early-stage ideas, as complex as they may be, from theory, paper or the research lab – to production. […]


Video Interview with Duncan Davidson, CoFounder/Managing Partner Bullpen Capital #smartcontracts

Duncan Davidson, CoFounder/Managing Partner Bullpen Capital, the pioneer of Post Seed investing, an early A round setting up a super-sized round. Previously he was at VantagePoint Venture Partners, a mega-fund and one of the leaders in CleanTech. Prior to joining the dark side, he started or was involved with four startups: […]


Video Interview with Alessandro Voto , West Coast Regional Director Consensys #smartcontracts

Alessandro Voto , West Coast Regional Director Consensys, a Brooklyn-based blockchain technology venture studio, and a research affiliate at the Institute for the Future.  Alessandro connects organizations and social entrepreneurs with the San Francisco Bay Area blockchain community to build decentralized applications and services.  His focus lies at the intersection of […]


Smart Contracts Investor & Founder panel #smartcontracts

Alyse Killeen, Managing Partner StillMark Co She is a Venture Capital Investor with seed stage to pre-IPO investment experience in enterprise and consumer technologies, now. Stillmark Co is a venture capital investment and advisory firm. Alyse is a member of the Satoshi Roundtable, an annual retreat for the top 50 thought leaders in blockchain technology, […]


Video Interview with Michael Gilroy, Canaan Partners NYC #svversusnycfintechvc

Michael Gilroy, Principal Canaan Partners. Michael invests in entrepreneurs building enterprise software and fintech companies. He is interested in talking to founders building the next generation enterprise tools and fintechs solving the structural issues in finance. Deeply passionate about building the entrepreneurial community in fintech, Michael launched Canaan’s FinTech Central […]


Video Interview with Tess Hatch, Investor Bessemer Venture Partners

Tess Hatch, Investor Bessemer Venture Partners Menlo Park office. She is focused on frontier tech, specifically commercial space, machine/deep/reinforcement learning, blockchain, and quantum computing. She currently serves as board observer for Rocket Lab, Spire, Auth0, Endgame, Distil Networks, Team8, Virtru, Claroty, CyberGRX, and Illusive Networks. She holds a bachelor’s degree […]


Video Interview with Michael Sidgmore, Broadhaven Capital Partners #svversusnycfintechvc

Michael Sidgmore, Venture Partner Broadhaven Capital Partners Michael invests in early-stage FinTech companies. He is on the Board of Liveoak Technologies and Credijusto and on the Advisory Board at Trizic. Michael is also the Founder of Let’s Humanize Finance, a podcast that interviews FinTech innovators who are changing how we […]


Video Interview with Alex Davidov, Core Innovation Capital #svversusnycfintechvc

Alex Davidov, Principal Core Innovation Capital. Alex invests in founders who are solving problems that impact financial services, healthcare access, and the future of work. His career spans financial services and technology, as an investor and an operator. Alex co-founded two companies, Intellitoys (an interactive children’s toy) and SkillSlate (a […]

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